Private rave en Leberoun, Oaï Star for the Aptésiens

June 23, 2014 § Leave a comment

The French celebrate the summer solstice with « la fête de la musique ». Even small towns, like Apt, will have several stages with local bands. Well, Apt would probably not have been very exciting without Oaï Star, all the way from Marseille who honored our boonies with their presence, new concoction from former bandmembers of Massilia Sound System. I’d say Oaï Star is provençal punk, happy festive punk with a dose of humorous lyrics. The crowd is all ages and all denominations, with bands of children running around or watching the show atop their daddy’s shoulders, couples getting up there in age avoiding the mosh pit, young women in pretty summer dresses, and also burned out-punkrockers and bands of « zonards » with their dogs (homeless punks, travel in packs with dogs). People drink openly and the police only intervenes to put out road flares.

Did not record anyting that night but here’s some Oaï Star if you’re curious: 

Before Oaï Star got on stage, we took a walk around the town to see what else was happening, which was not much. One group had their stereo set up with lights and teenagers and grandmas were dancing on the street to it. They seemed to have fun. At the other end of town, they had a cover band, playing some Telephone songs. At the other end of town, they were playing some Dalida songs from a bar. Yup, nothing too exciting.

I bump into a very dear old friend of mine in the dancing crowd so we spend the rest of the evening together, along with my sister. When the concert ends, we dance in the back-patio of a bar to techno music. Here too, all ages. A ten-year old boy is copying the moves of an excentric dancer, studying. We decide to leave before people get too drunk and stupid.

Back in Buoux, I hear the beats of someone’s party closeby, more techno, bassy beats. It could be tempting to walk to it and crash whatever’s going on but I prefer to dance by myself under the constellations. I call it my private rave.


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