Celebrations in small towns

June 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

Is there a small town in the USA that doesn’t celebrate 4th of July? I know there are no fireworks in Big Sur –fire hazard– but still, if I do so remember, the Henry Miller library hosted some type of a patriotic gathering of sorts.

The point is even small towns celebrate national holidays and festivities in one way or another, in the US or in France. I don’t know what Halloween looks like in, say, Pescadero or say, Randsburg (I only know small towns in California) but I’m sure it looks like something. It could be worth a photographic/videographic study. Anyway, just the same, la fête de la musique or Bastille Day are celebrated in small places like Apt or Bonnieux or the humblest of towns might have an annual carnival even if all it is is a small carousel, one bumper cars, one booth of games where you fish for a toy, the town square turned into a ballroom floor and a buvette with fries, merguez sandwiches, beer and soda and the whole thing fits in one lot (description of an actual carnival in Picardy). Everyone likes to celebrate in unison with their country.


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