Lazy blogger

June 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

I am such a lazy blogger. Mais bon, je viens du pays des cigales et suis passée à la Californie, où on est tout aussi cigale. (Then again, I am from the land of cicadas and moved to California, where people are just as cicada. Wait, what’s a cicada? An insect that sings all summer unlike its fellow insect, the hard-working ant. Yes, the story should no be translated The Cricket and the Ant but The Cicada and the Ant)

Really though, the French, in spite of their reputation as slackers, are very hard workers. Our reputation comes from the fact, I suppose, that we have long meals and go on many strikes. It’s a matter of preserving a certain quality of life.

Now, why was I calling myself a lazy blogger? Because I haven’t blogged in one week, because I have a draft so old it’s called “Freedom Fries”, because i haven’t developped my ideas of discussion into full-blown sociological studies…


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