Small Town Bastille Day

October 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

We spent Bastille Day in Apt — yes, I was supposed to publish this post 3 months ago, must be my Mediterranean sense of time. Anyway, we spent Bastille Day in Apt, small town in the South of France with my mom and our friends visiting from California with their two daughters. We arrived just before sunset, while the five or so floats for the parade were still being prepped – tractors trailing colorful paper mache floats with different themes, not necessarily related to the French revolution, like the float for the local volleyball team for example. Well, that may be a bad example because the other floats did not seem to be promoting anything; the only other one I can remember had an Alsace theme with children dressed in traditional Alsatian wear, and with a Germanic house, storks and such. A very darling procession.

The parking lot had been cleared for a local orchestra, a food truck selling merguez sandwiches, fries, cotton candy and kebabs and for people to watch the fireworks.

The fireworks were shot from the high school parking lot. They were so close that they were very loud and exciting. The little one, atop her dad’s shoulders, watched and giggled at each burst. Her big sister, Lily, said it was the best 4th of July ever and Elise (my little big one) had to correct her.

After the fireworks, everyone on the lot flocked down Apt’s main street to get to the ball across town – we took side streets to avoid the crowd. There, in front of town hall, a stage had been set up. A band played some traditional tunes, of course there was accordion. Couples danced, Lily twirled. Have a listen: 


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