Sounds from last summer in France

June 11, 2015 § Leave a comment

Here are four tracks from last summer in France.

I had already uploaded here the two Bastille day pieces.

First two pieces: 

Bal du 14 juillet. Bastille Day Celebration. After the fireworks, everyone on the lot flocked down Apt’s main street to get to the ball across town – we took side streets to avoid the crowd. There, in front of town hall, a stage had been set up. A band played some traditional tunes, of course there was accordion. Couples danced, Lily twirled.

3rd piece:

Liv raconte une histoire

Charlotte’s 5 year old is skilled in improvising songs and stories. This was only one of them.

4th piece:

Strange puppet show in Font’Arts

Font’Arts is a street theatre festival meandering through the streets and little places du village* in Pernes Les Fontaines, Provence, a village full of fountains. Sadly, I’ve noticed many of the village fountains that used to always flow with sweet drinking water no longer flow. Hmm, might it have to do with the privatization of water?

Also, I have sweet memories in Pernes, with my flock of high school friends. The French let their teenage kids roam the streets in bands, get drunk on poetry and wine, and high on first love, freedom and hashish…

but I need a whole blog on French teenagehood… à suivre

*you see, a town square is not exactly a place because our town squares are not square but round — perhaps I am discovering the fundamental difference between the French and the English that was the true cause of the Hundred Years War, who knows?


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