Got to wear my K-Way in L.A.

April 14, 2016 § Leave a comment

Yeah, a few days ago, when it rained, I got to wear my K-Way in L.A. But what is a K-Way exactly? Any French kid who grew up in the 80s would know but Americans not so much. This is when we get to engage in amazingly enriching cultural sharings!

The K-Way, like the ski mask, was iconic of the European 80s. The ski mask, you ask. Well, yes, that too, our parents wanted us to keep our ears and noses warm in winter, I suppose. They were a very big fad for some reason… Not the scary kind that covers most of your face and that bank robbers use in movies though, this kind:


And another big fashion fad in the Euro 80s was the K-Way….

So, a K-Way is a convenient, sturdy, effective and indubitably stylish raincoat that folds into a little pouch you wear around your waist. The company still exists and they are actually pretty pricey nowadays.

Have a look as I demonstrate!

It might rain today so I will wear my discreet rain pouch.


Guess what, it is starting to drizzle. Et voilà, I am ready and protected!

And here is another site to testify of the trendiness of K-Ways and ski masks in the 80s:


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